Break The Mould ™ : Discover A More Empowering Mindset That Leads To Action, Achievement & Success

Adam Patel's Break The Mould Seminar

Join magician, actor, entrepreneur & public speaker, Adam Patel, for an evening of inspiration, motivation and mind-reprogramming to help you destroy your personal barriers and make things happen in your career, relationships and life.

Over the past 4 years, Adam has built a reputation for himself as one of the UK’s top magicians. He performs his critically-acclaimed solo live shows all over the country. And when he’s not doing that, people pay him thousands of pounds to perform at their parties, corporate events and wedding receptions. The last 4 years have seen him feature regularly in the media.

A perfect picture of success? Maybe. But it wasn’t always like that.

Four years ago, Adam worked in pharmacy in his native West Yorkshire and had nothing but lofty dreams. He had no social life or girlfriend to speak of. And life, was going nowhere.

In Break The Mould, Adam’s first seminar, he shares the mindset shifts to which he attributes his success.

All Success Starts In Your Mind

The Break The Mould Framework is like a piece of software for your mind. Among other things, it will make you:

  • more confident
  • more optimistic
  • more action orientated
  • more productive
  • more attractive

Skyrocket Your Progress In 2019

During Break The Mould, you will learn:

  • The only thing that genuinely stands between you and your dreams and how to beat it
  • The ways the world has been working against you your whole life and how to beat them
  • The limiting and unhelpful thought processes that are holding you back which you’re most likely not even aware of
  • The traits that all mould breakers have and how to cultivate them in yourself
  • How to create a workable road map to your dreams
  • How to break into any industry even if you have no formal qualifications or experience
  • How all areas of your life are connected and typically, success in one area can lead to success in other areas
  • How success really works, why 99% of people fail and how to make sure you’re not one of them

Over the course of the evening, Adam will take your problems and barriers one by one and systematically dismantle them.

Ready to do things differently and create the life you deserve?

If you’re ready to stop accepting a life you’re not happy with, and to initiate and cultivate positive and lasting change in your life, book your place at Break The Mould 2019 now. Seating is limited.

LONDON | Wed 23 Jan 2019, 6pm – 9pm | Tickets £69 | Central London – Venue TBC

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