Adam Patel: The Seminars

Adam is a massive proponent of personal growth and improvement and a great believer in helping people succeed.

To this end, each year, between theatre shows and TV projects and whatever else he’s doing, Adam keeps a little time spare to deliverĀ a series of seminars on everything from positive thinking to business building to screenwriting, dating advice and a bunch of other stuff. While the subjects may seem unrelated, broad and wide ranging, these are all areas that Adam has spent many years studying. And in each case, delegates get the benefit of hard-won knowledge over many years of experience.

Because of the seemingly broad range of topics, not every seminar will be suitable or useful for everybody. (Unless you happen to be a professional performer, in which case they might.)

But nonetheless, the Adam Patel Seminars Series is a great and rare opportunity to learn from somebody who’s out there most of the time actually doing things rather than just talking about it.

Adam Patel: The Seminars 2019


Adam Patel's Break The Mould Seminar

In 2015, Adam Patel left his day job as a pharmacist in order to pursue his passions full time. In this one-of-a-kind seminar, he recounts the story, distils the lessons he learned and reveals a refined blueprint that anybody can follow to do the same.


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