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Experiments in Javascript

By Adam Patel on May 14th, 2021

Lately, I’m really falling in love with Javascript. My early encounters with the language were on the negative side but now I think it’s fantastic.

Drag & Drop Functionality

I’ve been experimenting with drag and drop functionality because of the possibilities it creates for snazzy UIs and really flashy user experiences.

As part of that effort, I’m currently making a spelling game for children which has been fun. (Full write up of that is coming upon completion of version 1).

In the game, the player can drag and drop letters (like Scrabble) into a bunch of board positions (like hangman) in order to spell out a word which is the answer to a question.

Keyboard Events

Taking a thought for a walk to see if I could get the letters to jump on the board by pressing the corresponding letter on the keyboard opened up a whole new area for exploration as I discovered and implemented keyboard events.

The possibilities here are pretty endless. I can see myself building both office applications and games pretty soon using this.