Adam Patel: Brown Magic Artwork

Adam Patel’s debut festival show sees him take to the stage to share stories from his childhood, growing up as a British Asian boy in the UK, while demonstrating the mind-blowing magic which now forms the basis of his reputation.

What Audiences Are Saying…

‘Fun and interesting’ – Mark Christopher (audience member)

‘Intriguing’ – Hilary Hill (audience member)

What Critics Are Saying…

“Solidly entertaining” – World Magic Review


Edinburgh Fringe 2018 | August 2- 12 | Apex Hotel, Grassmarket.

Upcoming Performances…

Vault Festival 2019 TBC

Brighton Fringe 2019 TBC

Relationship To Adam’s Other Work

Forms the basis of the first half of ADAM PATEL: REAL MAGIC LIVE.

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