The Magic of Adam Patel: How I Do It

This page presents an overview of the skills & techniques Adam uses to create the mind-blowing magic you’ve seen him do.


The basis of traditional magic. Sleight-of-hand is a technical skill. It can involve the physical manipulation of objects like playing cards and coins in order to mislead the observer into believing an illusion.

Perceptual Manipulation

We make sense of the world using our five senses. Perceptual manipulation techniques can be used to trick these senses into apparently experiencing miracles.

Direction & Misdirection

The most famous of these methods and usually refers to drawing attention towards something in order to draw it away from something else. Equally, I may draw attention to a particular thing on purpose. Possibly, in order to cause somebody to make a particular choice.


Hypnosis can be used to produce some startling results.


Mind-hacking is a term I came up with to describe a number of different skills, techniques and disciplines. Mind-hacking broadly breaks down into two categories; Reading people & Leading people, though there exist other miscellaneous mind-hacking techniques.

Reading People

Interpretation of body language, facial expressions and voice tone. Only 7% of our communication is in the words we say. The other 93% comes from a mixture of other verbal and non-verbal signals. A simple example is the famous Which Hand? Coin Game.

WATCH: The Famous Which Hand? Coin Game Video

Leading People

This involves using linguistic techniques and leading behaviour into either making people believe what you want them to believe, or to make them do what you what them to do.

Memory Tricks

Mnemonic techniques (How To Be Rain Man) are used to harness the true power of the human memory in order to perform seemingly super-human feats.






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