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Top 10 Moments Of 2017 – My End of Year Review

December 1, 2017
Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Selfie

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s December! The first snow has fallen, there are at least 2 Christmas songs in the UK top 40, and it’s that time of the year when I like to reminisce and practise gratitude. And on reflection, it’s been quite a year!

Thanks very much to everybody who has contributed to my successes!

Here are a few of my favourite moments of 2017…

Made First Short Film

Filming Tea & Coffee

Filming Scene 4 at Taylor Made in Northwood

The full story of this is documented here, but the result was that Maaya and I made our first short film starring Emmerdale’s Bhasker Patel.

First National Media Appearance on the BBC

Adam Patel with Amol Rajan at BBC Asian Network

In February, quite unexpectedly I was contacted by the BBC and invited to perform to the one and only Amol Rajan!

First Stage Show

Adam Patel Magician Warm Up in Harrow

And shortly after that, in April, I stepped out on a stage in front of a paying crowd for the first time and performed my first touring show in Harrow. Which was a blast! In 2018, the show will play Leicester Square, London and Leeds City Varieties.

Completed filming of Real Magic

Magician Adam Patel Filming Street Magic


The dream that started it all finally got finished and is due out early next year! (Finally!)

Booked more gigs than ever before

Aside from theatre and radio, I made more money as a professional performer this year than I ever have before! Another step in the right direction!

Performed at ITV

Adam Patel performs at Emmerdale

Again, quite out of the blue, I was invited to perform at ITV in Leeds for the cast and crew of Emmerdale.

Survived Potentially Fatal Car Crash

You can never really know what’s round the corner. On the very same day as the Emmerdale gig, I was headed down to London when – somehow – I was involved in a high speed car accident in which my car was written off. But thankfully I wasn’t. (And neither was anybody else). I lived. Somehow.

This was a reminder that no matter how much ‘cool stuff’ anybody does, or how much money they make, we are all bound by the inherent fragilities and vulnerabilities of our physical form. That day could very easily have ended with a police officer making a phone call to my parents.

I still don’t know how I survived. But I’m very glad that I did. So that’s got to be a win!

Flew First Class… For £90

The carrot American Express dangled in front of me was actually true! Maaya and I flew to Rome in First Class.

Walked The Red Carpet At Cannes

Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Selfie

While in Cannes in May, Maaya and I got to walk the red carpet after successfully getting invitations to a screening at the Lumiere.

Got Engaged


Yeah. That’s a bit special! Maaya agreed to marry me! And may I commend her on showing excellent judgement in doing so 😉

Oh go on then, I’ll admit it. I’m lucky too. She is kind of awesome 🙂


So all in all not a bad year 🙂


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