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The Snow Day Update: Diet Hacking, Getting Ripped, New Companies & Future Plans

March 2, 2018
London Snow

So it’s the 2nd of March, not that we’d know. Spring is but a few weeks away and yet the UK currently faces a Siberian-style blizzard the likes of which I’ve only ever seen in movies. The UK media often over-hypes the effects of snow, predicting an all-white armageddon because it’s going to snow, so I paid little attention. But the so-called ‘Beast From The East’ is no joke!

On Wednesday night I made the executive decision to drive from Leeds to London in the thick of the blizzard, based on the hypothesis that if I left it until morning, the ice would have set in and the roads would be undrivable. My mum later told me I was probably right.

Tonight, I thought it was over, and was all ready to hop on the tube and head to the Hen & Chickens Theatre to watch one of my favourite magicians, Pete Firman, doing his latest show. Until 4pm. When it suddenly started to snow again. Within minutes, a dense and eerie fog had set in. The kind of thing you see in a Stephen King adaptation.

So, very unlike me, I find myself at home tonight, snowed in and with time to contemplate life. So I thought I’d give you all a little update on what’s happening lately.

Getting Ripped Quick

I don’t think I’ve written a proper blog post since 2017. But equally, I haven’t eaten a biscuit or a chocolate bar since then either. My New Year’s Goal to slim down and tone up is stunningly still on track. I’ve lost about 5kg since the beginning of January, and my BMI (Body Mass Index) has finally fallen to within the healthy range, for probably the first time in my thirties.

It was a little tough to find a diet that both worked and was bearable. And now I seem to have found a happy medium in some sort of paleo/low-carb hybrid.

I don’t eat bread, biscuits, rice, pasta or cake anymore. That’s all completely stopped. And I’ve basically declared Jihad on sugar. According to Paleo rules, naturally occurring sugar is okay, but added processed sugar, definitely not.

Breakfasts are pretty much confined to omelettes, otherwise I do without. And after 8 weeks, this is something to which I have become accustomed. On occasion, I’ve made almond & coconut flour pancakes, but I did find them bloating.

A lot of it seems to have simply been about training my brain not to expect sweet things at certain times of day, and not to ‘medicate’ with sugar whenever my life circumstances are less than perfect.

Maaya and I have also been gyming quite regularly, and my resting heart rate is now down to 81 (I have a long standing problem with a fast resting heart rate) with textbook blood pressure.


The strangest thing about all this is that I’ve actually started to like my change in lifestyle. Definition is beginning to form on my six pack. I’m moving in the right direction.

Fascinating Entertainment

It’s been a long time coming, but my business now has a dedicated arm for live event entertainment. Which I’ve called Fascinating Entertainment. It still mainly operates from the Private Bookings page of this website and I service high-end wedding receptions, private parties and corporate events UK wide.

Real Magic Live Tour

I’m very pleased with this show and they way it has developed. I think it could be the strongest thing I’ve done so far. I’m doing a couple of dates in Leicester Square Theatre and Leeds City Varieties, so if you can get yourself down to either show, you’re in for a treat! I am expecting to do more dates throughout the year and a run at the Edinburgh Fringe is already confirmed, though tickets are not yet on sale.

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