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11 August 2017

My 2018 Tour: Your Tour Questions Answered

By Adam Patel

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Since last Thursday when I went public about my upcoming tour, my various inboxes have been bombarded with questions about the show. So it seems fitting to spend this week’s blog post answering those questions.

So here we go…

“Is it any good?”

Yes. I’d say it’s a great show with broad appeal. If you enjoy magic, of course you’re going to enjoy it. But this is so much more than ‘just another magic show’. It’s a show about adversity, about challenge and about dreams. I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that it’s got depth.

“Can you hook me up with free tickets?”

There are a very small number of free tickets available but it would have been wrong of me not to give them to my parents and family members. For everybody else, there are a couple of competitions running which gives you the chance to win free tickets. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to learn about those.

“Are you cutting women in half and stuff?”

Not unless Theresa May turns up.

My magic is much less Las Vegas and more… British, I suppose. I use my skills of sleight-of-hand, perceptual manipulation and mind-hacking to bring about apparent impossibilities and extreme unlikelihoods. There’s very little in the way of flash and spectacle. No show girls (I’d be so lucky!).

“Where did  you get your jacket?”


“How long is the show?”

It’s a full evening show with a running length of 2 hours which includes a 20 minute interval.

“Is it suitable for children?”

Theatre shows are not regulated in the same way that film and television is.

My production company has set a recommended age of 14+. This is mainly because some of the techniques I use in the show to make certain things happen are unlikely to work on children below this age. And while the show contains no profanity or adult content, there are one or two heavy themes which take a degree of maturity to understand.

Children under 14 are welcome to come and watch the show, but will not be able to take part.

“What sort of show is it? And why should I come and watch it?”

It’s a one man show. I’ve described it as a combination of magic and storytelling.

I basically tell the story of how I grew up, how I first got into magic and how I ultimately ended up on the stage in front of you, by defying cultural norms, struggling with my own identity and ultimately making a decision. And in the process of doing that, I read minds, predict behaviour, do a bit of sleight-of-hand and blow your minds.

You’ll laugh. You might cry. You’ll be transfixed. And you’ll get a great story too.

I promise you it’s like no other magic show you’ve ever seen.

“Where can I get tickets?”

At present, tickets are on sale for the London and Leeds dates. See my live dates page for details.

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