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23 May 2017


By Adam Patel

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Tonight I was all ready to have a rant about the general election and the hopeless state of British politics.

But the heart breaking events unfolding in Manchester right now have really put all that Punch and Judy politics into perspective.

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Politics makes me angry. It makes me wonder how people can be so delusional.

But this – the deliberate targeting and killing of CHILDREN – angry is not the word. I’m furious to the core. Seething.

This bunch of morons who call themselves Islamic State Group have maintained a reputation as thugs of the lowest order for a few years now. Beheading charity workers. Raping women. They have always been vile beyond comprehension. But after the Manchester attacks, I cannot imagine – and I’m a writer, it is on occasion my job to do so – how they can possibly sink any lower.

What can make people do such things?

I read the news this morning with the same engulfing feeling of depression as the day I heard they’d beheaded Alan Henning. Barbaric beyond measure. Then anger takes over as I realise how powerless I am to do anything about it.

What can anyone do?

It’s so strange that we live in a world where technology has advanced so much and yet we as a species haven’t. Some of us still believe in the most perverse and nonsensical ideologies.

It has to stop. I don’t know how we can stop it. But something needs to happen. We cannot go on always having to wonder when another brain washed moron is going to blow themselves up.

What’s the answer? I wish I knew.

My thoughts are with the victims and the families of those affected by the Manchester attack and in fact anybody who has ever been affected by a terrorist attack. It may not sound like much, but my thoughts are all I have to give. I wish I could do more.

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