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Who is Adam Patel?

Most famous for his Amazon Prime television special “Adam Patel: Real Magic”, which has astonished people across the globe, Adam Patel is recognised as one of the UK’s top street magicians.

When he’s not walking the boards of London’s West End or fascinating crowds at the Edinburgh Fringe, Adam performs at dozens of private events each year from wedding receptions and milestone birthday parties, to high profile awards after-parties and FTSE 100 company events.


We all know the Asian career clichés: Doctor. Dentist. Pharmacist. Optometrist. Accountant. These are the jobs that make your parents and your bank manager happy; put a Mercedes on your driveway, and guarantee a long and enthusiastic line of traditional Indian parents fighting to marry you to their daughters. So when Adam Patel told his parents he wanted to be an entertainer, you can imagine the reaction…

Until his late twenties, Adam followed the tried and tested traditional path, doing a degree in pharmacy at the University of Bradford and embarking on the career that predictably followed. But the niggle wouldn’t go away and in 2015, at the age of 29, Adam made the decision to pursue his dream and attempt a radical career change.

From pharmacist to illusionist

Adam dispensed with his day job, leaving behind the security and relative certainty of pharmacy, and moved to London, a city he knew nothing of, in order to break into an industry he knew little about.

Adam Patel: From Pharmacist to Illusionist

Adam’s story was covered in Chemist & Druggist & The Yorkshire Post

“It was scary. Of course it was. I was afraid of the uncertainty. I was terrified of what people would think. Of course, everybody I knew thought I was crazy and didn’t sugar coat it when they told me. And I was terrified of failing.

But there was one thing more terrifying than failure – the fear of not knowing, of letting life pass me by and of not knowing what might have been. Because once you’re time is gone, it’s gone. You can’t get it back.

And worse than the things that other people might say, are the things you’re going to say to yourself. So in my head there was no choice but to face the smaller fear to avoid the larger one. I had to go for it.”

“Magic’s Biggest Rising Star”

Coin Game Street Leeds  

Since then, Adam’s unique style of magic, which combines sleight-of-hand, perceptual manipulation and mind hacking – a sophisticated fusion of art and science; has caused hysteria and intrigue across Britain both at private events and on the streets, establishing his reputation as one of the UK’s top magicians.

Adam’s magic has got him accused of witchcraft and seen him branded “magic’s biggest rising star” by the UK media.

As well as performing for private clients like University College London and ITV; and at high profile events like The British Independent Film Awards After-Party and the Cannes Film Festival, Adam also does magic for stage and television.

In 2018, ‘Adam Patel: Real Magic’, Adam’s first nationally released television special and Amazon Prime’s first ever magic special was released. It follows his life story while showcasing his magic skills both with celebrities and on the streets with the general public. It is now available to stream instantly for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Adam is also currently touring his theatre shows “Adam Patel: Real Magic LIVE”, and the abridged festival format version “Adam Patel: Brown Magic”, which is currently playing an 11 night run at the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with some shows completely sold out.

As well as doing magic

Adam also enjoys multiple careers as a writer, actor, filmmaker & blogger.

He has acted in films including “Deadly Virtues”, from Hollywood director, Ate De Jong; and Adam Spinks’ critically-acclaimed low budget horror movie “Survivors”.



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