About Adam Patel

We all know the Asian career clichés. Doctor. Dentist. Pharmacist. Optometrist. These are the jobs that make your parents and your bank manager happy; put a Mercedes on your driveway, and guarantee a long and enthusiastic line of traditional Indian parents fighting to marry you to their daughters. So when Adam Patel told his parents he wanted to be an entertainer, you can imagine the reaction…

“Magic’s biggest rising star”

Years later, Adam’s unique style of magic, which combines sleight-of-hand, perceptual manipulation and mind hacking – a sophisticated fusion of art and science; has caused hysteria on the streets of 11 cities around Britain, establishing his reputation; got him accused of witchcraft; and seen him branded “magic’s biggest rising star” by the UK media.

As well as performing for private clients like University College London and at high profile events like The British Independent Film Awards After-Party and the Cannes Film Festival, Adam also does magic for stage and television.

‘Adam Patel: Real Magic’, Adam’s first 1-hour television special follows his life story while showcasing his magic skills both with celebrities and on the streets with ordinary people. The show is currently in post-production and due to be released in the UK in early 2017.

As well as doing magic, Adam has also acted in films like “Deadly Virtues”, from Hollywood director, Ate De Jong; and Adam Spinks’ critically-acclaimed low budget horror movie “Survivors”.